Sunday, October 17, 2010

If You Have Windows XP ...

1.  Download and install the "Windows XP Publishing Wizard" from Fotki.
     1.1  Click on the following link:
     1.2  Select "Run".  (You may get a warning that the "publisher could not be verified".  Run it anyway.)
     1.3  A "Setup" window opens.  Select "Install".
     1.4  A new window open telling you that installation is complete.  It also give directions on how to publish your pictures on Fotki.  After you read it, select "Ok".

2.  Publish your pictures to Fotki.
     2.1  Open the folder containing the pictures you want to upload.
     2.2  On the left side of the window you just opened, you should notice the option "Publish this folder to the Web" under the section "File and Folder Task".  Select "Publish this folder to the Web".
     2.3  A "Web Publishing Wizard" window opens.  Select "Next >".
     2.4  Use check marks to show which pictures you want published.  Select "Next >".
     2.5  Select "" as your service provider and select "Next >".
     2.6  Enter your screen name as:  scivis
     2.7  Enter the password I given to you.  If you don't remember it email
     2.8  Select "Login".
     2.9  You are given an option to select an existing folder or to "create a new one".  I recommend creating a new one, so select that.
     2.10  Select SCIVIS 2010 as your destination folder.
     2.11  Give your new album a unique name describing teams and days of the photos.  (Optional:  You may also help your viewers by entering the date the pictures were taken and a note about them.)
     2.12  You may decide to have the wizard resize your pictures for a faster upload.  That is up to you.  After your selection, click "Next >".
     2.13  After the window opens telling you that "Upload Completed Successfully", select "Log Out".
     2.14  The wizard offers you an opportunity to view the Fotki folder with the new pictures if you check the box.  Select "Finish".
     2.15  If you have more pictures to upload, open the folder containing the pictures just as you did in Step 2.1 and continue with the directions as before.  Otherwise, stick a fork in it, you're done!

If you have problems, contact me: